Dave Vettraino is a recording engineer based in Chicago, IL.  He operates Public House Sound Recordings, a minimal analog and digital recording space.

From 2012-2016 the space was located in a house in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.  The space originated as a place to record for the Digital Single Series, which produced 21 releases from 2013-2015, but grew to accommodate the recording and mixing of many full-length records. In August of 2016, the space relocated to a Pilsen apartment.  The new space allows for overdubbing and mixing, with most tracking taking place remotely or at Jamdek and Decade Music Studios

In addition to studio recording, he has extensive experience recording remotely.  From studio-style sessions to live ensemble captures, the mobile rig has traveled to many Chicago venues, storefronts, basements, and practice spaces, as well as clubs and loft spaces in New York and London.